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Saturday, 25th December 2010

Yesterday’s post commenting that Christmas and the solstice (as well as Christmastide and Yule) are actually observed at different dates seems to have generated a lot of comments on my Facebook profile page.

The demarcation lines were drawn between my Catholic friends (traditionalists and conciliarists) and my non-Catholic friends (wiccans, atheists, polytheists, agnostics, and the religiously indifferent). Almost everyone involved is a libertarian of one kind or another, so you’d think that we’d at least have that much in common, right?

But then, factor in the cultural East-West divide; rational Asians having to deal with those inscrutable Occidentals and their bewildering exoticness and all hell just broke lose.

Yeah, I get around… Anyway, before the whole thread wound up degenerating into a grudge match with the peripheral spectators begging, “Can’t we all just get along,” I pulled the plug past a certain post, with a promise to address all the UNRELATED issues brought up.

Theology Scene, Conan the Barbarian (1982).

Apologetics. Sometimes his god CAN beat up your god.

As promised, I am going to address each topic in a series of separate posts so we don’t wind up jumping all over the place come discussion time. Personally, I hate blogging. I have no talent for it and suspect that this whole blogging thing is a digital version of “Dear Diary…”

The same goes for teaching. Not everyone is suited to instructing others. Those attempting to teach others must possess patience and insight to nurture the student and also have the wit, firmness, and authority needed to impress the lessons. If one is lacking in either intelligence, wisdom, or charisma, that person is close, but just not a teacher. If lacks on all counts, that person has absolutely no aptitude for teaching.

Do I qualify on all accounts? Who knows. I’m not going to guarantee that everyone will like the answers I’m going to give, nor am I am not self-deluded to think that any of you will come around to my way of thinking. Just don’t expect this to be instant since I’m currently in a Christmas turkey-induced fugue state right now.

Know your limitations. If you don’t have the talent to do a good job, don’t waste your time muddling through it. Use the classified ads and hire someone with talent to do the job for you. Haven’t you ever heard of organization or delegation?

As policy, I don’t concern myself about political correctness or “feelings.” Those who know me will testify to this. I find such concepts to be lame and emo respectively. The kind of concepts that used to get beaten up for their lunch money at philosophy primary. I freely say what I believe in (which most people consider to be outmoded or unfashionable like 80’s thrash metal or shaving with a straight razor) and do my best to act consistently in those beliefs. You are free to take to heart or ignore what I say.

If you truly are curious about my point of view, and not just firing off salvos for the fun of being annoying, then I happily answer all questions to the best of my knowledge and experience.

From my experience, it is easier to overthrow governments (I’ve personally done that twice) than it is to change people’s beliefs.

Even if I don’t change anyone’s perspectives, I hope that people at least get it clear that I think and act and speak based upon my own experience and reason; I am neither a sleepwalker nor do I operate under whatever assumption you may already have about my system of beliefs. You want to know something? Just ask. Don’t assume.

So, stick around. Complete answers (the only explanation that counts) takes time to get across, so don’t you dare pull TL;DR on me.

I will be dealing with the following topics (in the no particular order). Further topics may follow if I don’t get bored first.

  1. Is the Roman Catholic religion just a syncretism of stolen pagan traditions?
  2. Is the Roman Catholic religion against liberty and free-markets?
  3. How can people with different moral viewpoints all claim be libertarians?
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