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The philosophy of civilian arms

Thursday, 21st January 2010

I believe in the Natural Law, a person’s fundamental natural right to life, liberty, and property. These rights are inherent in man and require no government to grant or recognize them. They exist in all points in time, in all locations, in all situations and may not be added to nor taken away.

Many natural law philosophers wonder about how these rights came to exist. As a Catholic, I believe that God is the author of these rights. Only he may take them away. No human agency may do so.


The right to bear arms is a logical conclusion if you accept the right to life.

This means that you own your life. To deny this is to imply that another person has a higher claim on your life than you do. No other person or group of persons, owns your life. Nor do you own the life of others.

You have the right to protect your own LIFE, LIBERTY, and justly acquired PROPERTY from the forceful aggression of others, and you may ask others to help defend you.

— Ken Schooland, The Philosophy of Liberty

Firearm ownership is what makes this possible and therefore should not be limited to government officials.


I believe that civilian firearm ownership is necessary for two purposes:

  • One, to provide a deterrent to foreign invasion, and
  • Two, to give citizens the force parity necessary to resist the State, the police, and the Armed Forces on the day when these agencies no longer serves the people and turns against us like it did on 21 September, 1972 and again on 23 November 2009.


This force parity shall include automatic rifles and other heavy weaponry.

Due to the near poverty of our police and soldiers, illegal arms sales will continue. So why not let private citizens take them off the streets? An automatic rifle we buy on the black market is one more weapon that cannot be used by criminals, rebels, goons, death squads, politicians, and other psychopaths. You know… people who don’t bother with gun laws…

By studying other events in history, I conclude that that martial law and government sanctioned human rights abuses would not have lasted two decades if Filipinos simply remembered to cherish their freedoms more than offered peace and safety and chose to resist the government by force of arms.

Despite the restoration of our freedoms, we, the Filipino people have been forced to sit through coups, criminal trespass, and just last year, a massacre of civilians and another illegal declaration of martial law. All the while our government has steadily eroded our right to self-defense. What more proof do we need that the 250 Families that control the Republic of the Philippines care nothing about us ordinary folk, save that we die quietly so as not to disturb their political games?


No more.

I advocate two courses of action:

  • a constitutional amendment recognizing our right to self defense as an extension of our natural right to life; and
  • continued purchasing of black market armaments.

The best unambiguous wording for the constitutional amendment should be taken from the 1899 Proposed Constitution for the Republic of Negros:

Article I., Section 5.: The right of the citizen to keep arms in defense of his home and the right to bear arms by an organized militia created for the protection of the state must not be infringed.

I believe that while firearms should be registered privately for insurance purposes, all forms of government licensing and registration should end as these are the tools for future firearm confiscation. Well… not too future since Biazon and the PNP plan to do this.

Filipinos already have a healthy distaste of monopolies in business so why should we accept a state monopoly on firearms?

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